Do you Have a PunchPass Account?

You Will need a PunchPass ‘Pass’

What is it?

A PunchPass Pass is a ticket that lets you pay for a class, workshop, special events, or a special class series. We use three (3) major types.


Adult Single Class Pass
Pays for all Zoom, in-studio and outdoor yoga classes. You will buy one of these to register for a class.

The Adult Online Zoom Single Class Pass ($10) is used for all Adult yoga online classes and must be purchased by non-CYC Members.

Camarillo Yoga (CYC) 3-Month Membership
Pay $100 automatically once per month for 3 Months, for access to Zoom, Outdoors, Studio & recorded classes. Click the button below for full Membership details.
Class Series Pass
Some workshops & specialty classes run as a series. (Tween/Teen Girls classes, Mindfulness Course)

Existing CYC Members already have a Pass for online classes.

If you’re not a CYC Member, then      Click to buy a Pass or Membership.

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