About Camarillo-Somis Yoga & Mindfulness

A community of Health and Well-Being since 2001

We are a community.

We are people of all ages, shapes, sizes, job descriptions, ethnicities and religious and political beliefs, who practice yoga and mindfulness together, support community causes together, and laugh together, a lot!

Yoga & Mindfulness Your Way

Somis Thursday Club InteriorPractice indoors at our main studio located at 5380 Bell Str. in Somis, CA. Or join us for Outdoor classes at Hartley Botanica Gardens or Encanto Park. Become a monthly member and utilize our extensive library of Members-only YouTube videos any time that fits for you. Mindfulness Meditation classes are also available simultaneously to registered participants on Zoom.

Our teachers are mature adults 

Our bodies are not 20 years old and made of rubber. We care, empathize and spend the time teaching, not simply demonstrate from the front while students follow along and hope they get it right. Without any pretentious “yoga attitude,” you can feel free to “come as you are” and be welcomed and supported.

We now live longer

It is even more important to learn about our physical bodies and the practices that will help us maintain strength, range of motion, balance and proprioception as we age.  Our middle years (now beginning in our late 30’s!) are really the time to wake up and take on health habits that will help us live active, energetic lives well into our later years.

You Don’t Have to Be Flexible to do Yoga.  Click here for an article you can send to your friend/relative who makes that excuse.


The practice of Mindfulness is central to everything we do.

Using stress-relieving breathing as a guide, our yoga practice focuses on slowing down, being patient, keeping our sense of humor and being compassionate with ourselves, as an antidote to the frantic overwhelm of our daily lives, particularly in times of challenge and uncertainty.

My 10 Week “Learn Mindfulness Meditation” class helps participants to carry the benefits of Mindfulness into their daily lives, supporting mental health, and enhancing family and work relationships

I often tell my students I feel like the teacher in Romper Room.  Walking in, I see the faces of people I know, care about and feel connected to. I hope you will join us!

Audrey Walzer - Owner, TeacherWith peace & joy,





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