Our DVD is here! Order Now! 

I am so happy to finally provide the DVD my yoga students have asked me for over the years: short, simple stretch
routines that anyone can do at home, at work, even on an airplane or at a freeway rest stop!

My real students, (not super flexible yoga models!) show you effective ways to release muscular tightness and pain from athletics, computer use, driving… life in general! I teach you how to do the practices in detail, to help you
avoid some of the common errors most people make, and receive honest-to-goodness long-term benefits.


This DVD includes:

  • 240 minutes of instruction and practice, in short, user-friendly segments
  • “Take-along” reminder card – “Airplane Yoga Stretches”
  • Bonus section – “Learn Yoga Breathing” for:
    • Energy and focus
    • Core stability and lower back health
    • Healthy standing posture
    • Relaxation and stress reduction

If you have questions about any of the practices, please email me at our website www.EasyYogaStretches.net. If you find that “winking your pony” makes your back feel great, I would love to hear about it!

May the gifts of your practice help you be happy & healthy!