Common Questions

Whether you are new to yoga, or have practiced before, click on the down arrows for answers to your questions. Please e-mail Audrey if you have a specific issue to discuss.

    1. Do I need to sign up or call before my first class??

      The short answer is “yes, you need to register for our classes.”

      All of our outdoor and online classes require pre-registration. Studio classes are currently closed by CA state mandate. Once we are able to re-open, you will need to sign up online while class size is restricted. Once those restrictions are lifted, you can just show up for class with no sign up.

      This web page will walk you through the simple sign up process and take care of the online waiver needed before reserving any classes.

    2. Do you have different levels? How do I know which class is right for me?

      • I am new to yoga?

        If you have never practiced yoga before, remember that if you went to your first piano lesson, you probably wouldn’t play Mozart immediately. Any physical practice requires patience and persistence. In yoga class, the breathing and relaxation will help you feel better and more peaceful right away, and with consistent practice you will feel stronger, more balanced, more connected to your body.

        It is a good idea to start in Yoga 1 or Yoga 1-2 classes. These classes might be a great fit for you, and just what you need as you continue your yoga journey, or they might be a place to learn breathing and alignment before you begin attending more physically demanding Yoga 2 classes. The beauty of yoga is that there are no “levels” which designate us as “better at yoga” than the next person. The “best” practitioner is he or she who is most at home and connected within their body, regardless of age, or level of athleticism. Our teachers will help you develop a practice that works safely and effectively for you!

      • I practice Yoga regularly.

        If you practice yoga regularly, but are new to our classes,  click here  for our class descriptions and see which one feels right to you. At Camarillo Yoga, we teach a blend of the Iyengar and Viniyoga traditions, with variations from many other styles of yoga. Our goal is to support your continued growth as a yoga practitioner, so if we don’t approach a certain pose the way you have learned it, we are happy to explain why we make the choices we do, and offer you the opportunity to broaden your understanding of yoga, while also listening to your experience and needs.

      • I am a senior.

        If you are a senior, we recommend our daytime Yoga 1 class, or Ultra Gentle Yoga Class. If you are a senior who is unable to attend daytime classes, our weekend Yoga 1 or Yoga 1 & 2 classes will be welcoming. Click here  for our class descriptions of these classes. If you are a senior who requires one-on-one classes, Audrey is available for outdoor or Zoom sessions. Click here for more information and to email Audrey.

      • I have a back issue or another physical challenge. Can I do yoga?

        If you have a physical challenge or chronic condition, click here to e-mail Audrey, owner and director of the Yoga Center. All of our classes are safe and back-friendly, however it is a good idea to discuss your situation with Audrey and your teacher before you begin. In some cases, we may suggest a private lesson to teach you how to adapt for your body before beginning our general classes.

    3. What do I need to bring, and what do I wear? Can I eat first?

      Please have your own yoga mat for both online and live classes. Our class descriptions also provide suggestions for other props and supplies to bring.

      Yoga isn’t about how you look, so don’t worry about a fancy outfit. Just wear exercise type clothes that stretch, take off any jewelry that might catch or distract you, and have bare feet available. Since some people have allergies, we request no perfumes, please.

      Don’t eat a big meal before class, but fruit or something light within an hour or two of class will usually be fine.

    4. What can I expect from my first Yoga class?

      Our classes range from 60 – 90 minutes, and are ongoing- in other words, you don’t have to sign up for an 8 week series. You may start your practice anytime. Click here for our class descriptions to decide which class to begin with. There are no real “levels” in yoga, since it is not a linear practice with a series of achievements to accomplish. We think showing up and being open to trying something new is an achievement in itself!

      In general we begin with a quiet introductory meditation to bring your mind out of the day and into your body in the present moment, followed by a warm up with range of motion practices, and then more active physical practice including strengthening, stretching and balance-enhancing movements, all with slow sustained breathing. The end of every practice includes deep relaxation and quiet meditative time to absorb and enjoy the effects of your practice. In our restorative and meditation classes, we forego active physical movements for postures which are supported with blankets, chairs and other props, to allow the body to rest and renew deeply.

      In all outdoors classes, our teachers circulate around at a safe distance to help you learn the practice safely and effectively. Our job is to teach you to practice yoga, not simply demonstrate at the front of the room. Your comfort level will evolve as you become more familiar with the practice, so please feel free to ask questions!

    5. How much do I pay?

      We have a simple fee structure described in our (click) Fees page.

    6. Do you offer private lessons?

      Private lessons with Audrey are currently available outdoors or on Zoom by appointment

      If you are simply unfamiliar with yoga, we encourage you to attend our Yoga 1 classes, where you will learn the same fundamentals we would teach you in a private class, for the price of a group class. Being a beginner is part of any new activity, and our classes are friendly and welcoming, so you will feel at ease despite being new. Once you have learned the fundamentals of breathing and movement, you will get more out of a private lesson to fine-tune your practice. If you still want a private lesson, please e-mail Audrey!

    7. Do you offer in-home lessons for seniors?

      We offer Ultra Gentle yoga classes online for seniors who cannot attend our live Ultra Gentle or Yoga 1 classes due to physical restrictions are offered in-home 45 minute lessons, with our Ultra Gentle yoga teacher, Christi Harman, at a rate of $40 per class in Camarillo, and $55 per class elsewhere. If your parent or relative is simply tentative about trying our group classes, even with our “free first class” trial offer, a home lesson with Christi may break the ice and lead to attendance at group classes, which are recommended if possible. In-home lessons are offered on a limited basis as space is available.. You can look at the current schedule and register for one of these online classes.


    If you have other questions, please e-Mail Audrey to discuss your needs.