Workshops & Events


Apr. 18 to Jun. 20
6:30-8:30 PM
Wednesdays or
Apr. 19 to Jun. 21
12:00-2:00 PM

10-Week Mindfulness Meditation with Audrey (Spring)

A life-changing 10 week immersion in science-based Mindfulness afternoon classes. Click below for more information, and to register.

Audrey Walzer

Camarillo Somis Yoga & Mindfulness Center
5380 Bell St, Somis, CA

Mar. 22 – May 10
May 17-July 8
July 12-Aug. 8
6:00 – 7:00 PM

Functional Yoga Beginners Series

This series introduces the basics of functional breathing, healthy posture on the mat and in daily life, fascial release and stretching, strengthening and balance for adults of all ages.

Audrey Walzer

Camarillo Community Center
1605 E. Burnley Street
Camarillo, CA

One Sunday each Month,
6 – 7:15 PM

Restorative Yoga with Michele Campero

This peaceful class is designed to quiet your mind when your body is supported by the wall, bolsters and blankets. These restorative postures help you release muscular tension and clear mental clutter..

Michele Campero

Camarillo-Somis Yoga Mindfulness Center
5380 Bell St, Somis, CA

Apr. 29, 2023,
6:00 – 7:30 PM

River of Life Meditation

Join us for a aural experience that begins with gentle yoga movements, followed by an immersive experience using the resonance of gongs, crystal bowls, and nature sounds for deep calm and healing.

Gongs, bowls, stream

Gong Master Andrea Centazzo

Camarillo-Somis Yoga Mindfulness Center

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Friday Night Mind Massage with Audrey

Performing a body scanDeeply relax on Friday nights without alcohol!

Join award-winning teacher Audrey Walzer for a special hour of gentle movement, guided breathing and science-based guided meditation. Leave the week behind, sleep well, and be refreshed for the weekend.

This class is accessible for everyone. All practices can be done on a chair or on the floor.

If you bring a friend, please take advantage of the Two-for-$35 special pass. Buy it first on PunchPass under your account. Then register for the desired session.

Camarillo-Somis Yoga Mindfulness 6-Month Members should use their discount code to get the member discount for a single ticket (not applicable for the Two-for-$35 deal).

Please bring: A padded yoga mat, and a beach towel or yoga blanket.

Class venue is the beautiful Blackboard Art Gallery in Old-Town Camarillo.

Audrey Walzer

Blackboard Gallery,
Studio Channel Islands Art Center

2222 Ventura Blvd
Camarillo, CA


Click to Get 2-for-$35 Deal
First buy the special pass. Then come back to register.

Check back for new dates!
Registration open 45-days before each date