Begin your practice with education!

No Flexibility Necessary. 

Functional Yoga works with your current body to keep or improve your flexibility and strength.

This 8-week series introduces

  • Basics of Functional Breathing
  • Healthy posture on the mat and in daily life
  • How fascia release helps improve your movement
  • Strengthening and balance for adults of all ages
Begin your practice with a mature professional who gives personal attention to each student. 


Camarillo Community Center

1605 E. Burnley Street, Camarillo, CA

Mondays, 6:00 — 7:00 PM
Mar. 7 — Apr. 25, 2022
Please Note: Class passes and gift certificates from Camarillo-Somis Yoga are not valid for these classes. However, if you miss a class during the series, you can make it up at the yoga studio