Suggested Yoga Props

Below is a list of yoga props which you may want to purchase for home or studio use.  All equipment, except your own yoga mat, will be provided at our indoor and outdoor classes.  We will not use every prop in every class.

The links are starting places to look. You may find the same prop at a lower price elsewhere.  We do not sell yoga equipment.

Yoga Mat

The Yoga Mat should be firm and non-slip, not a springy pad, which will be difficult to stand on.  A blanket, cushion or towel can be used for knees if more padding is required.


These Jade Yoga mats are made from natural rubber and should not be left in your car or exposed to extreme heat.

These are less expensive but may be slipperier.

2 Yoga Blocks

At least 4” and firm, not light.

We use these at the studio.  The blue/purple are dense foam. The tan is made from cork.


Mexican Yoga Blanket


Yoga Blanket or Beach Towel

 For sitting, kneeling, a low bolster, padding, and warmth 

Yoga Strap

We use these as both arm extenders and movement aids.

Yoga Tune-Up Therapy Balls (1 set)

Comes in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Smaller Tune-up balls get into smaller areas. Large ones cover more area.



A Kitchen/Dining room chair that’s not too hard to move, or a folding chair

Optional For All Classes

Foam Roller

These are 36″ long and may be cut to 18 or 24 inches to act as height props too. 

PVC Rolling stick

Pre-cut 21” or 24” by 3/4” diameter PVC pipes sold in many hardware and gardening stores, usually in the irrigation section

Massage Gun

You may need one per person!

Eye Pillow

Blocks out the light and provides a light weight for eyelids. Also useful to fully uncurl fingers during savasana.


Lifts select parts of the body, enhancing and/or supporting the various asanas.


1.5 meter (60”) length.
Buy from Camarillo Yoga for $8 pick up or buy from Amazon (click image).