Why Yoga@Work?

For most working adults, time management is a constant stressor. Juggling career, home and family responsibilities, one’s own health and well being are often relegated to the back burner. Repetitive motion conditions, back and neck pain, headaches, compromised immune systems, high blood pressure and obesity are often the result of this self-neglect.

The beauty of Yoga@Work is that it comes to you!

Our onsite programs are short and to the point, helping to mitigate the effects of the work day. Regular, loose-fitting clothing can be worn, eliminating the need to change or shower, and no special equipment is required. If you wish to change clothes and do a more vigorous yoga practice with mats and yoga props, our teachers are safe, and informative.  We want you to understand the “whys” of what you do, and what is best for your body while getting a workout.

E-Mail Audrey to discuss tailoring a Yoga@Work program for your company needs!

Workshop Series for Back, Neck, Shoulder & Wrist Health

Invite Audrey to your workplace for a lunchtime workshop!  Learn how to prevent issues which arise from sitting, computer use, or repetitive motion and lifting in manufacturing and assembly. Audrey teaches you how to stretch your back, shoulders and neck, and take care of your wrists to avoid carpal tunnel.  Learn how to breathe to reduce stress, and focus.

These workshops might include offering your employees Audrey’s DVD, “Easy Yoga Stretches for Home, Office & Travel” as an incentive to continue good health habits once the workshops are concluded! 

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